About DermoCosmetic


About DermoCosmetic

Visit Denmarks leading dermatologist specialist in cosmetic enhancement techniques

Dr. Med. Erik René Obitz is the founder of DermoCosmetic and Denmark´s leading dermatologist specialists in cosmetic enhancement techniques from reduction of wrinkles, over facial reshaping to non-surgical face lifts.

Visit our clinics in Copenhagen, Virum or Aalborg – we are 100 % focused on non-surgical skin treatments.

We are a highly skilled team of medically-trained specialists committed to delivering outstanding results for every customer. We offer the very best and latest in non-surgical cosmetic treatments of the face and body.

DermoCosmetic: Cosmetic enhancement in aestethic dermatological clinics

Our clinic in Copenhagen is situated adjacent to Kastellet and Nyboder in Copenhagen – easy to access / easy to park your car. Virum is find easy to access and has free parking. Our Aalborg clinic is found in the center of Aalborg rifht by the shoppingstreets. You can find parking in Salling, which is close by.

In DermoCosmetic You can relax in discrete environments.

Cosmetic treatments in DermoCosmetic:

  • Reduction of folds and wrinkles with Botox and non-permanent fillers (Restylane)
  • Hair reduction with IPL - Intensed Pulsed Light and Diode laser
  • Skin Health Therapy: Skin tightening. Treatment of active acne and all sorts of scars, sun-damaged skin, vascular and pigment changes, utilizing lasers (CO2, Fractional Laser Er: Glass 1540 nm), IPL and Chemical peels
  • Replacement of collagen, facial reshaping and face volume enhancing with with Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra ®
  • Nose, cheek and skin Reshaping (non-surgical)
  • Customized sublime beautification programs (face sculpturing and volumization)

You are welcome to book a consultation at 31 21 64 24 – Phones are open Monday – Friday from 9AM – 6PM. Send us an e-mail: info@dermocosmetic.dk.